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SDS2 is heading to the No 1 beach in the US this September for SDS2 Summit, and we think you should join us. The three-day conference will be packed with valuable opportunities to come together for learning, networking, and collaborative innovation. 
New and experienced users alike are being won over by over by things like the simplified home screen, searchable project settings and tools, role-based and contextual ribbons, and the quick access sidebar for pinned and recently used tools.
Finalists were selected based on their leadership and strategic impact, such as leading short- and long-term strategy, implementing a mission and vision, and navigating market risks and opportunities. Since taking up his title in late 2019, Broome has excelled in many of these areas.
Our new logo is an evolution of our previous one, containing the familiar hexagon shape our users have come to know and trust in association with our brand. We’re still providing automation and accuracy where steel detailers and fabricators need it the most, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.
We know that to invest in SDS2 is to trust much of your daily operations and productivity to our software products, and we take that responsibility very seriously. In return for your ongoing support and business, our promise to you is reliability and innovation.

Every year, the SDS/2 Solid Steel Competition gives steel detailers an opportunity to show off their best work. Judged on aesthetics, complexity, and overall cool factor, the competition highlights the great work our users are doing and the projects they’re bringing to life in commercial and industrial sectors. 

We may have missed the beach this year, but SDS/2's first ever digital conference event was a massive success, if we do say so ourselves. Going digital with SDS/2 Summit meant more users than ever before were able to tune in and attend, and our line-up of expert guest speakers shared high-value content, advanced tips and tricks, and industry insights to our users.  

In an interview to mark his 100th day as CEO, Stuart Broome discusses SDS/2’s core values and vision, calling on the company’s strengths as a foundation for advancement and growth in the steel construction industry.  
SDS/2 announced today that Stuart Broome has been named as its Chief Executive Officer.