SDS/2 Software Solutions for
Commercial Projects

SDS/2 software solutions are the perfect choice for commercial steel construction. The SDS/2 name has a proven reputation as a 3D modeling and detailing software with the highest quality output on the market. Distinct advantages like automated connection design and accurate detail drawings have made SDS/2 a leader in this industry for over 30 years, and well into the future. From start to finish, there is an SDS/2 software solution to meet any need, any time throughout the construction process.

SDS/2 Engineering combines connection design with 3D frame analysis and member design. The software can be used to start a project, designing and analyzing members, which can then be sent to SDS/2 Detailing.

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In SDS/2 Detailing, detailers or model builders can add miscellaneous steel and make any necessary changes to the structure. Detailers and checkers can then detail and subsequently check the project.

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Real Page Lakeside

This project, a double helical monumental stair project in Richardson, Texas, was completed by BV Detailing & Design, Inc.

The stairs form a double helix from Level 01 to Level 03, with intermediate landings. The outside support tubes are HSS20x12x5/8 on a 17'-7 radius; the inside support tubes are HSS20x8x5/8 on a 7'-7 radius. Guardrail posts were detailed for the attachment of perforated metal panels and wood handrail.

Real Page Lakeside was awarded First Place Commercial in the 2016 SDS/2 Solid Steel Competition.