SDS/2 Software Solutions for
Mining Projects

SDS/2 software solutions provide many practical tools for mining construction. Conveyors, platforms, plate work and other miscellaneous materials are the heart of mining construction, and SDS/2 handles them with ease. Many companies in this sector do both the engineering and detailing of these structures and supports—a work flow that fits in perfectly with the communication between SDS/2 software solutions. The true value of SDS/2’s 3D model is realized when the project’s timeline shrinks and equipment and conveyors are able to be put into use, enabling the mining facility under construction to begin producing and earning sooner.

Combines connection design with 3D frame analysis and member design.

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The highest level of automation and intelligence available in 3D steel detailing.

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Corona Aggregate Facility

The 265-ton Corona Aggregate Facility in Corona, California, consists of two conveyors that feed eight silos and a truck loadout facility. Four of the 14-foot-diameter silos have a maximum capacity of 250 tons each; the other four hold 180 tons each. The silos are fed by a 36-inch conveyor and a 42-inch conveyor.

The facility — which stands at nearly 83 feet tall and measures about 88 feet in length — includes 10 sets of stairs and featured numerous shop-assembled frames, plate chutes and machined parts.

Quadrant Services Inc. generated more than 1,700 parts drawings for the 304-member project that included 6,649 field bolts.