SDS/2 Software Solutions for
Plant Projects

The SDS/2 family of software provides solutions for the entire plant design process. Clash prevention is vital in plant design, and SDS/2 offers tools specifically to find, and ultimately prevent, clashes before they reach the field. Using SDS/2 on your next plant layout and design will increase productivity and profits while reducing errors.

Within the SDS/2 environment, users can engineer the structure, and coordinate between structural, equipment, conveying systems and piping.

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Once this coordination is complete, SDS/2 Detailing creates all fabrication drawings, generates CNC files for fabrication, and all other tools needed to build the structure.

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153 Hydrogen Power Plant

The 153 Hydrogen Power Plant near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada included glue gas ducting, a two-section stack, and a separate run for the bypass/convection ducting. The furnace support structure as well as the penthouse structure was also included.

The project, completed by Express Metal Fabricators/St George Steel Division, required merging five separate models, and consisted of nearly 4,400 members, 811 shop detail drawings, and 62 erection drawings. Associated parts sheets, CNC and KISS downloads to support fabrication equipment, and shipping drawings — complete with weights, overall loading dimensions, and the center of gravity clearly dimensioned for all of the ducting and stack members — were also included.

The 153 Hydrogen Power Plant was awarded Second Place Industrial in the 2015 SDS/2 Solid Steel Competition.