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October 22, 2020      

How to Reduce Material Handling With SDS2 Load Planning

SDS2 Load Planning: What is it? Who uses it? And how is it changing the industry? In this webinar, you'll see the features and functionality of SDS2’s game-changing software for 3D load planning. Learn how other customers are using it to transform their loading processes with drastically reduced material handling and increased shop safety. And see for yourself the powerful tools SDS2 Load Planning can deliver, from automated loading plans to straightforward diagrams for loading in the shop and unloading at the site.   

Speaker Bios:

Nate Bloch is the Technical Advisor- Steel Division at SDS2. Nate’s start in the steel industry began as a delivery driver for a steel fabricator in Lincoln, Nebraska. Working his way up to the detailing department, Nate has a wealth of insight to the everyday issues faced by detailers and fabricators. Nate is dedicated to helping steel detailers and fabricators to learn about tools, like SDS2, which can help them keep up with the rapid changes and growth to stay competitive in the industry.

Bryan Boggs is a Production Manager at CoBuilt. Bryan is a mechanical engineer and has extensive experience in the aerospace industry, material handling, a specialty in the forklift attachment industry, and heavy lift and transport crane and rigging. Bryan has a special interest in steel fabrication, high-end machining, research and development, and a "fab nerd" at heart. 

James Schwartz is the Software Advocate and Developer and has worked at SDS2 for 20 years. He is the Product Owner for SDS2 Load Planning(formerly Fortosi) with 15 years of experience in production and is a Class 1 senior detailer by the NISD in 1998. James as extensive industry experience, is responsible for research & development, customer assistance, and product development at SDS2.