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Open BIM

We Support OPEN BIM

OPEN BIM is a progressive approach to collaboration in the AEC industry, inviting stakeholders such as software vendors; software users from architects and engineers to fabricators, detailers, and erectors; and project owners. 


As an openBIM supporter in the structural steel industry, SDS2 is always open for collaboration and innovation. And as we work toward future-proof solutions, we're committed to workflow transparency, data accessbility, and the high quality standards defined by the OPEN BIM charter. 


What is OPEN BIM?

OPEN BIM is based upon open standards such as IFC from buildingSMART. SDS2 and the Nemetschek Group fully support buildingSMART’s OPEN BIM program. We are also fully dedicated to the high quality standards defined by our OPEN BIM Charter and represented by our OPEN BIM logo.

By supporting OPEN BIM, we hold that: 

  1. Interoperability between project stakeholders must not be used as grounds for competition.
  2. Interoperability should be facilitated via development and support of open standards.
  3. Rigorous testing and certification criteria is a must for quality support of open standards.
  4. Proprietary format mandates must not be used to exclude candidates from project work.
  5. Free choice of software in project work must be a basic right for any project stakeholder.
  6. Industry stakeholders must publicly endorse and promote openBIM in the AEC community.

PVS Structures Integrates SDS2 Throughout Project Workflow

As technological advancements push the structural steel fabrication industry forward, fabricators like PVS Structures must continually adapt and improve. To maintain their competitive edge, they utilize SDS2 data throughout the lifecycle of their projects. It allows them to take on BIM coordination and clash detection, secure bids for the most profitable projects, detail proprietary connections like SidePlate, and utilize automated shop equipment, such as their state-of-the-art Zeman robotic welder.


Read the Case Study 

Drake-Williams Leverages SDS2 Interoperability for Estimating

“With Estimodeling, we can put together a more accurate budget in 30-40 percent less time by utilizing the model for material and labor information." 


Drake-Williams’ current process involves either importing REVIT or IFC models and cleaning them up in SDS2 or building a model from a PDF or design drawings. Once they have their model built, they then export the KISS model to Fabtrol, their estimating software, to get their material lists and build their budgets. 


Read the Case Study 

SDS2 Partner Integrations

SDS2 is continuously growing our list of partners to ensure data accessbility across the industry. From design and detailing tools to CNC data and MRS, MIS, and tracking systems, we're working hard to expand our integrations and make sure our customers can get the most out of their model data and time, no matter what software platforms they are using. 


Learn more about our partnership program 

  • Hexagon: Integraph Smart 3D
  • Magnus
  • RISA Technologies
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Voice2Cad
  • CoreBrace
  • SidePlate Systems
  • Simpson Strong-Tie
  • DuraFuse Frames
  • InfoSight Corporation
  • P2 Programs
  • Radley Corporation
  • Steel Projects
  • Tekla PowerFab
  • Bend-Tech
  • Controlled Automation
  • Daito
  • Ficep
  • Lightning Rail
  • Lincoln Electric
  • Peddinghaus
  • PEP Technology
  • Shop Data Systems
  • SigmaNEST
  • Vernon Tool
  • Voortman
  • Zeman Bauelemente Produktions GmbH

SDS2 Load Planning

SDS2 Load Planning embodies the innovative and collaborative nature of OPEN BIM. It is a truly disruptive and forward-thinking product, entirely new to the structural steel industry and filling a software gap that has been long-overlooked in the construction process. It is also a completely open technology, universally compatible with any IFC 2x3 file. 


Steel fabricators around the world are using it to transform their 3D fabrication models into perfectly balanced loading plans for optimized material handling and enhanced safety in the shop and field. But as the software continues to grow, it has the potential to impact industries beyond structural steel. 


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WEBINAR: How to Reduce Material Handling with SDS2 Load Planning


The Nemetschek Group and OPEN BIM

The 16 brands of the Nemetschek Group, including SDS2, provide solutions for the complete lifecycle of projects in the construction industry. See how each one is working to support OPEN BIM and create a better building process for a better world.