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How-To Videos

Learn how to use the latest tools and features in SDS2.

SDS2 2021

New to 2021i, The Point Cloud tool allows you to import 3D scans, or point clouds, as e57 files.
New to SDS2 2021i is the PDF Submittal Tool, which allows you to generate different sheets and cover page for submittals in Bluebeam Studio.
New to SDS2 2021, PDFs are auto-generated with links to save more time managing drawings.
New to SDS2 2021 are Cruciform Sections. This new material type was created to make basic flanged Cruciform Columns. The Cruciform section sizes can be used for beams, columns, and braces.
New to SDS2 2021 is the Purlin member. Purlins can be added to the top of a flat or sloped beam. The Purlin Connection Component can be added to a purlin that is spanning across a beam.
New to SDS2 2021 are Girts and Secondary Girts. Model the girts in a counter-clockwise position which will affect the toe direction. Secondary girts will be framed in vertically to the girts.
Seismic connections in ASD15 and LRFD15 jobs are now designed using two publications; AISC's 3rd Edition Seismic Design Manual and Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications.
SDS2 2021 has added 3 new features to control the horizontal bracing gusset clip angle connections.
SDS2 2021 supports the option to control which members will have a combined through shear plate connection.
SDS2 2021 has added support for Inner flange plates on column splice connections.
In SDS2 2021, there have been new controls added on how you want to view your grids in modeling.
SDS2 2021 will now prompt where to save your PDF expanded calculations instead of launching HTML. The calculations are now easier to navigate and color-coded.
Updates to the Base/Cap Plate Schedule in SDS2 2021 allow you to control welds for each piece.
SDS2 2021 supports a new joist connection. It is typically used for CJ series joists but can be used for any series of joists.

SDS2 2020

New to SDS2, 2- and 3-point bracing connections are now supported, with calculations.
Detail views allow you to enlarge a section of any detail to add additional dimensions and annotations that may not fit in the standard scale of your details. This tool adds a label and border for the detail view on your main detail automatically.
SDS2 2020 has added the ability to split your Modeling or Drawing Editor windows into multiple tiles.
Now available in SDS2 2020, bolts, nuts, and washers can now be listed separately in the Bill of Material.
SDS2 2020, you now have the ability to save your custom selection filters to return to them quickly in both Modeling and Drawing Editor.
In SDS2 2020, you can now quickly sort members by categories making it easier to find and add in the model.
Now available in SDS2 2020, stair member lines will now show the stick line for the main member line work points, lines referencing the stringer materials, and treads in Modeling and Drawing Editor.

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