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Integrations with the tools
you use everyday.

Providing the most sophisticated and complete software solutions for the steel industry requires a great deal of insight. To achieve that level of understanding, SDS2 has established close working relationships with various organizations in the steel industry. 

Partner Plugins & Tools

Easily model Buckling Resistant Bracing (BRBs) in SDS/2, thanks to the partnership with the integration between CoreBrace and SDS/2.

The SDS/2 Roundtripping tool facilitates a bi-directional transfer of information through the direct API interface between Autodesk® Revit® and SDS/2, round-tripping the engineer’s information with the steel fabricator or detailer.

The new SidePlate for SDS/2 component and tools are plugins that offer a level of automation and intelligence for our users to efficiently place SidePlate connections into their SDS/2 projects. 

The Simpson Strong-Tie Yield-Link connection saves everyone time and money—while providing a connection that keeps structural steel buildings strong and safe. Get the plugin today. 

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Design & Detailing Integrations

EPCs using Integraph Smart 3D to design their projects benefit from SDS/2 Connect, a connection design plug-in for S3D. The benefits don't stop there, because the engineer's work transfers effortlessly into SDS/2 Detailing for detailing and fabrication.

View SDS/2 Connect Integration 

Magnus, an SDS/2 distributor, also integrates their unique project management module, MDM, with SDS/2 to add to the productivity gains possible with SDS/2.

As Nemetschek sister companies, RISA and SDS/2 work collaboratively to enable engineers to transfer their design to fabrication as best in class tools of the trade.

The SDS/2 Connect add-in for Autodesk® Revit® enables the power of SDS/2's code-based connection design to operate within the Autodesk® Revit® model through the direct API interface between Autodesk® Revit® and SDS/2.

Free up your hands and let Voice2CAD type out all dimensions, material types and typical drawing annotations for you. Designed and tested specifically for modeling and detailing environments. 

MRP, MIS & Tracking Systems

SDS/2's integration with FabTrol lets you leverage the model data for better material resource planning and procurement.

SDS/2 works with InfoSight, a manufacturer of industrial marking machines, metal tags, metal tag printers, barcode readers and custom machinery.

SDS/2 integrates with P2 Programs software to help you track steel from inventory through the shop with minimal effort.

Labeling, inventory and tracking is made easy with SDS/2's integration with Radley Corporation tools.

Handing your fabrication data off for inventory management, procurement and shop management is simple with the SDS/2 integration for Steel Projects.

SDS/2 and STRUMIS integrate directly with one another to provide you the power to manage your estimating, inventory and fabrication with the utmost control.

SDS/2 continues to integrate with Tekla EPM (formerly FabSuite), allowing you to use the best tools for the job.

Automated Fabrication Equipment/Software

SDS/2 integrates with Bend-Tech to translate model data for fabrication.

SDS/2 delivers the CNC data you need from the model to automatically program your Controlled Automation equipment.

SDS/2 generates accurate CNC files with the click of a button, completely compatible with Daito machinery.

Ficep integrates seamlessly with SDS/2 models to streamline shop fabrication.

The integration between The Lightning Rail automated handrail layout technology and SDS/2 doubles your production in the shop.

SDS/2 exports precise fabrication data to the PythonX machine increasing your productivity.

SDS/2 exports precise fabrication files that enable Peddinghaus equipment to be a central part of your shop fabrication automation.

PEP Technology handles the CNC data from SDS/2 to nest, schedule, manage inventory and more.

Nest your CNC data from SDS/2 with Shop Data Systems to maximize your material usage.

SDS/2 helps you speed up the prep of your CNC files by exporting to SigmaNEST for efficient plate nesting.

SDS/2 helps you make the most of your model by generating the CNC data for Vernon Tool equipment.

Voortman equipment handles CNC data from SDS/2 with ease.

Cutting edge fabrication tools require cutting edge information from SDS/2, and we're proud to we support Zeman equipment.


SDS/2 incorporates the AGAs standards to enable useful tools that ensure your galvanized steel is fabricated efficiently and safely for hot dip galvanizing.

SDS/2 is a proud member of AISC, whose mission is to make structural steel the material of choice by being the leader in structural-steel-related technical and market-building activities