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SDS2 2021

Now Available

SDS2 2021i

Take your detailing to the next level with SDS2 2021. Get SDS2's proprietary 360 degree design intelligence, now with an intuitive interface that's easier than ever to learn for new and advanced users alike. 

Automated connection design

Fully validated connections are designed as you model with 360 degree, real-world intelligence.

Flexible licensing options

With SDS2, you can get to choose how to manage your license, with perpetual or subscription licensing available. 

Live multiuser modeling

Work together, wherever you are with no data conflicts and live, in-model feedback.

Intuitive Interface and Modeling Environment

Keep the tools you need at your fingertips, streamline workflows, and maximize efficiency with SDS2's sleek new interface. Built with the same proprietary design engine we've been honing for over 30 years, now easier than ever to learn and master. 

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Automation at Your Command

Searchable settings and tools make it easy to leverage SDS2's powerful automation for fabrication and erection efficiencies.

Role-Based Configurations

Streamline your workflows for detailing, estimating, site planning, model review, and more.  

Advanced Customization

From customizable ribbons to pinnable tools and modeling colors, you can take control of your SDS2 experience.

New and Enhanced Connections

SDS2 designs connections as you model with 360 degree real-world intelligence. Our latest release adds automated support for several new connection types, expanding your modeling and connection design capabilities. 

  • Flush framed joists to eliminate field welding and simplify erection and deck installation
  • Enhanced through shear plate settings to control coping, projections, and which plates are split
  • Inside flange plates for bolted column splices
  • Base/cap plate weld advanced settings
  • Seismic connections updated to AISC 3rd Edition requirements


Expanded Cruciform Shapes

In SDS2 2021 you can create cruciform shapes using a combination of wide flange, WT, and plate materials, with auto standard connections available for a variety of framing situations. 

Interactive PDF Hyperlinks & Design Calculations

SDS2's automatic piecemarking now come with hyperlinks for easy navigation through PDF documents, including detail sheets, gather sheets, and erection sheets.


Expanded design calculations are now output as PDFs and have been improved for layout, readability, and navigation, with bookmarking and color coding.

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Discover why leading detailers and fabricators are choosing SDS2's advanced automation and connection intelligence to drive their success. 


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