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SDS2 Solid Steel Awards | Submit

SDS2 Solid Steel Awards Project Submission

Every year, the SDS2 Solid Steel Awards highlights the great work our users are doing and the projects they’re bringing to life in commercial and industrial sectors. Thank you for sharing your work and submitting your project for the 2022 Awards. Before you submit, we recommend gathering your project stories, information, and data. The submission requirements are detailed below. 

Deadline: August 12, 2022

Submission Materials

  • Contact information for submitting party and company
  • Project information: including location, stakeholders, size, etc. 
  • Project description: Tell the story of your project in as much detail as you can. Your descriptions may be used by our internal judging panel to select project finalists, as well as to present final projects for public voting.
  • Project data: You'll be asked to upload your packed SDS2 project, as well as your model and/or site photos and any other relevant files in a single packaged folder
  • Signed license and release form: Download and sign the form linked below. This acknowledges your right to share the submitted project data and granting SDS2 rights to use the materials as detailed in the agreement.