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DETAILER Universal Detailing, Inc.
LOCATION Lansing, Michigan, US
GRAND PRIZE Industrial

BWL Energy Park

The BWL Energy Park project, located in Lansing, Michigan, is a 250-mw natural gas fired power facility, built to replace the old coal fired unit. The 500-ton project was detailed by Universal Detailing, Inc., who partnered with Douglas Steel Fabrication. 

Detailing was closely coordinated with the client's detailers, pre-engineered structures, and contractor-installed anchors. SDS/2 handrail members were used in mass quantity, as well as multiple stairs, ladders, and elevator towers. The project's engineer helped fabrication and minimized Universal's connection design work by providing many SDS/2-friendly connections. Because of SDS/2 improvements, Universal was able to make on-the-fly changes to the model, allowing minimal work to be done on the 2D details.

The biggest success with the BWL project occurred in the fabricating and shop assembling of large, four-sided trestles which expedited erection.  SDS/2 enabled Universal Detailing to provide the shop a 3D drawing of each trestle, as well as the 2D detail sheets, plans, and elevations, with all supporting members. This included horizontal and vertical WF pieces, and included both horizontal and vertical bracing. From there, the shop was able to fabricate each member, assemble the entire 40+ feet trestles, then ship the entire unit.