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DETAILER Merrill Steel
LOCATION Kalamazoo, Michigan, US
SECOND PLACE Industrial, 2020

Paper Machine Hall

The Paper Machine Hall is an industrial building built to support operations of a state-of-the-art coated recycle board machine. The structure’s north side consists of a main machine runway, including crane columns, crane girders, roof trusses, and an operating floor along a poured-in-place concrete machine track. The south side consists of an operating floor, equipment floor, and stick-built roof. As the project was a design/build, several components of SDS2 were used to track changes, material ordering status, and approval/fabrication dates. Tools such as model notes and member category status were used to provide key information to the project team. The standard beam-to-column and beam-to-beam connections were provided from the EOR, so the team was able to quickly develop user defined connections to cover all framing conditions and maximize modeling efficiency.