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DETAILER ADCO Detailing, Inc
LOCATION Midland, Michigan, US
GRAND PRIZE Commercial, Small Tonnage

The Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens Canopy Walk

The Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens Canopy Walk project, located in Midland, Michigan was detailed by ADCO Detailing, Inc.

Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens features 54 acres of woodlands, ponds, apple orchard, meadows, and streams. The forest's Canopy Walk is the nation’s longest at 1,400-feet long. It soars up to 40 feet above the ground and consists of 3 arms, each ending at a unique viewing platform, including views of a forest pond from 25 feet above. There are even cargo netting bridges that will take you to steel and wooden pods to sit and relax and enjoy the views. The entire canopy walk wraps around the existing trees that could not be disturbed, making erection a challenge. The Alden B. Dow-designed Whiting home now welcomes guests as a Visitor Center.