SDS/2 Concrete provides the necessary tools to automate detailing and fabricating of rebar for reinforced concrete. Rebar detailers can automatically generate detailed bending and placing schedules, as well as placement drawings, from 3D model information, saving time over traditional 2D workflows and putting you at the forefront of the BIM market.

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SDS/2 Concrete Features

Connection Design
SDS/2 Concrete includes automatic connection design to embeds, including full design calculations.

Rebar Detailing
Provides automated placement of rebar in the 3D model, including standard rebar shapes out of the box, and the flexibility to create any custom rebar shape.

Automatic Creation of Fabrication Data
SDS/2 Concrete features automated creation of fabrication data from the 3D model, including placement drawings, placement schedules and bar bending schedules.

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