SDS/2 Edge provides cloud hosting of your entire desktop and more, creating a virtual community of SDS/2 users and simplifying model sharing.

Edge also eliminates the need to continually maintain SDS/2 software upgrades and lowers overall IT infrastructure costs.

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SDS/2 Edge gives users the flexibility to work wherever they are, giving them access to the latest data in the office, in the field, or at home. If a company has multiple offices in different physical locations, employees can network into Edge, saving time transferring job data back and forth. And the power of SDS/2 means that you can have multiple employees working in the same model at the same time, with real-time changes keeping the model accurate and up to the second.

Externally, project partners using SDS/2 Edge can connect to the model and view live data and project status information. SDS/2 can also set up a project using the job repository, allowing collaboration on the same job file between multiple partners and creating a wide area network for the project.

SDS/2 Edge also has built-in instant messaging functionality, which allows for simultaneous, seamless communication between everyone collaborating on the project.


SDS/2 Edge eliminates the typical hardware investment requiring the purchase of new CPUs every few years. The service provides users with up substantial processing power; to access Edge, users only need a 2 MB bandwidth and a device to connect with for modifying or viewing the most up-to-date version of the SDS/2 model.

Running software requires a significant investment, not only in hardware and infrastructure, but in maintenance of versions and networking. With SDS/2 Edge, all network administration and SDS/2 installation and upgrade services are included at no additional cost. SDS/2 Edge also includes daily data backup of all your information, which can be easily accessed.

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