SDS/2 Fabricating is a solution designed specifically to meet the needs of fabricators. Fabricators simply request the model from the detailer, then can view the 3D model and 2D drawings, while having full control over the creation of CNC and MRP information necessary for the shop. Users may also use SDS/2 Fabricating’s reporting and status tools to track the project through completion.

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SDS/2 Fabricating Features

Reporting and Status Tools
SDS/2 Fabricating's reporting and status tools enable users to track the project through project completion.

Dashboard Interface
From the at-a-glance progress charts to streamlined CNC tools, the dashboard helps organize and implement fabrication.

Information Automation of Project Data
SDS/2 Fabricating automates estimating and shop drawing information generated by the software, saving both time and money in the shop.

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