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SDS/2 Approval

SDS/2 Approval

Model-Based Review

For both checkers and engineers, SDS/2 Approval is the only model review software that allows users to review connection design calculations at the same time as the fabrication model and shop drawings. With various measuring tools and status fields, the accuracy of the model can be confirmed and communicated between engineers and detailers for a better in-model review experience. 

Review Model Members

Users can assign status to members within the 3D model to denote the level of approval, such as approved or rejected. 

Visual Project Feedback

Assigned statuses can be used to color code the model and give visual feedback of the approval process, from start to finish. 

Customized Checking

Checkers use SDS/2 Approval to check the model and drawings, and communicate status updates of the in-progress model.

Communicate and Provide Feedback in 3D Model

Engineers using SDS/2 Approval can run reports designed to aid in the approval process, and assign status to members to denote the level of approval, such as “approved” or “rejected.” These statuses can be used to color code the model to give visual feedback from start to finish of the approval process. A simple file transfer sends the approval status back to the detailer for revisions.

Accelerate the Design Process and Shorten Project Timelines

Using SDS/2 Approval, engineers cooperating with fabricators and detailers can speed up the shop drawing review process. In SDS/2's cloud-based model review environment, users can communicate notes, review statuses, and change orders in real time. This has proven to give a competitive edge to the construction teams with the foresight to implement this method.

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SDS/2 Approval

Streamline Checking Process With Live Status Updates

Checkers using SDS/2 Approval can take advantage of similar features, which are customized for the specific purpose of checking models or drawings. Detailers can easily be notified of markups when in a live multi-user model, in which status updates will color code the model to alert the detailer to areas where changes are necessary. 

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Software Features

SDS/2 Approval Features

Model Review Tool

Condenses all the information you need to one convenient screen to speed up your review process 

Status Display

Model color coding helps your team see the progress of your review in the context of a 3D model 

Model Dimensions

An easy way to put a checker’s mind at ease, SDS/2 offers several tools to check dimensions in the model 

Design Calculations

Review the time-saving connection design performed by SDS/2 Detailing alongside the context of the 3D model 

Model Notes

A great communication tool and way to attach sketches and RFIs to a part of the model for review 

3D RFI Tool

Shorten the RFI process by sharing the context of the SDS/2 model in a PDF 

Custom Properties

Keeps track of your review process and enables color coding the model with status display to visually track your progress 

Status Transfer

A time-saving way to communicate the reviewed submittal back to the detailer’s model


Quickly document revision information, model status and more with every submittal