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SDS/2 Connect

SDS/2 Connect

Smart Connection Integration

SDS/2 Connect now offers connection design functionality within both Autodesk® Revit® and Intergraph Smart™ 3D. SDS/2 Connect offers the highest level of automation and intelligence available in 3D connection design. With unparalleled intelligence, SDS/2 Connect gives you the power to get the job done.

Intergraph Smart™ 3D Autodesk® Revit®

Value Engineering

Make more informed design choices with the ability to visualize connections in the design model. 

Constructable Models

Intelligent connection design automation prevents clashes, rework and field changes. 

Shorten Timelines

Deliver engineer-approved connections with the design model for fewer RFIs and faster turnaround. 

Connections Designed for Constructable Models

When the engineer can visualize connections within the design model, constructability issues and high-cost connections are much more apparent. With this information available to engineers at the same time design choices are made, the result is a more cost efficient structure that fits in the field every time.

SDS/2 Automates Connection Optimization >>

Accelerate Review Process With Pre-Approved Connections

Not every project is awarded based on cost. Sometimes the ability to meet accelerated schedules is the difference that tips the scale. SDS/2 Connect helps engineers deliver pre-approved connections via the design model, cutting weeks off project turnaround times by speeding up the review process.


Clash Prevention Prevents Errors Before They Occur

Plenty of tools help detect multi-discipline model clashes, but SDS/2 Connect provides true clash prevention. It is the only connection design tool that helps designers see potential clashes with connections or gusset plates at the time when it is most cost effective to fix them. 

SDS/2 Prevents Mistakes Before They Happen >>

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Software Features

SDS/2 Connect Features

Value Engineering

Improve your ability to compare design choices, optimizing design and helping you deliver more value on every project 

Connection Design

Leverage the time-saving connection design performed by SDS/2 Detailing inside the context of the 3D design model 

Auto standard connections

Skip the tables and speed up your process with connections that adapt to framing situations based on your preferences 

Connection Design Locks

This patented feature gives you the ultimate control to design connections around variables you require 

Design Calculations

Review the automatically designed connection calculations alongside the context of the 3D design model 


Connections designed by SDS/2 incorporate the standards of the shop to ensure efficient fabrication practices 


SDS/2 connections interact with one another to prevent field clashes during the design phase for a perfect fit every time in the field 

Deliver a Connected Model

Shorten detailing turnaround and reduce RFIs by delivering the design model with SDS/2-designed connections 

Connection optimization

Optimize the design of connections to save costs on both shop and field labor, plus materials and bolts 

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