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SDS/2 Estimodeling

SDS/2 Estimodeling

Model-Based Estimating

As the only software on the market to provide automatic connections for estimates without relying on tables or third-party software, SDS/2 Estimodeling empowers users to generate accurate and fast model-based estimates. SDS/2 Estimodeling's well-built models will also help you get a jumpstart on project detailing.

Increase Bid Accuracy

SDS/2 Estimodeling creates realistic, code-based connections automatically for a more accurate bid.

Predict Project Costs

Immediately identify areas that might impact costs, like web doublers or other items that could increase shop labor.

Compare Connection Costs

Cost comparisons for connection design alternatives can be done in seconds, enabling you to confidently put your best bid forward.

Improve Bid Accuracy With Model-Based Estimating

Dramatically increase the accuracy of your bids using SDS/2 Estimodeling, which allows you to easily compare design alternatives, including connection design, for maximum efficiency. Whether importing or building a model, connections are designed automatically without requiring extra steps or third-party software, and you can finish the process with a simple export to a spreadsheet or your MIS software of choice. 

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Predict Project Outcomes With Construction Models

SDS/2 Estimodeling includes SDS/2's signature intelligent and automated connection design to give estimators an edge when it comes to identifying constructablity issues. Within the 3D model, it's easy to see where scheduled connections are insufficient and pre-identify RFIs, so users can propose solutions to the engineer and save time once the bid is won. 

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Improve Predictability With Connection Optimization

Fabricators look to SDS/2 Estimodeling and its built-in connection optimization capabilities to maximize profit margins without the added cost of third-party applications. Comparisons between connection types can be calculated in seconds to provide the most complete advantage in structural steel estimating available today.

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Learn how SDS/2 can help you accelerate project timelines, minimize material costs and improve project accuracy.  

Software Features

SDS/2 Estimodeling Features

Design Model Integration

Jump start estimates by importing design models to SDS/2 Estimodeling 

Cost Estimator

Get immediate feedback on material costs, or better yet perform cost comparisons on the model 

Model Notes & RFIs

Pre-identify questions and RFIs and save your team time after you win the bid  

PDF Overlay

Trace design drawings to quickly input 3D models during the bid phase 

Status Display

Search the model for high cost materials and labor items—SDS/2 connection design can even help suggest lower cost alternatives 

Export to MRP & MIS Tools

Once you’ve got a model, you can send the data to your MRP/MIS software for traditional estimating methods 

 Automated Connection Design

Connections are not an extra step or a 3rd party cost—they’re automatic and included 

Fabrication Standards

Optimize connection material design for fabrication to acheive more efficient ordering and inventory management 

Connection Optimization

Optimize the design of connections to save costs on both shop and field labor, plus materials and bolts