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SDS2 Load Planning


SDS2 Load Planning is a game-changing 3D software that turns your building models into loading maps proven to reduce the number of loads, minimize material handling, and increase shop and site safety. Import any IFC 2x3 file from your preferred detailing software and plan your loads in an easy-to-use 3D environment.


Traditional loading methods can cost you in more ways than one.

And a 3D load planning tool can bring suprising benefits.

In addition to eliminating trial-and-error loading processes, which can lead to inefficient loads, extra loads, and rework, as well as accidents in the yard and at the site, SDS2 Load Planning can also help you:

  • Accelerate training and onboarding for new employees
  • Sequence fabrication to meet erection schedules
  • Impress customers and create a positive image for your company
  • Deliver clear maps and material lists for loading and unloading

To see how it works,
 check out our Getting Started video playlist →

Customer Success

Wyoming Fabricator Optimizes Material Handling with SDS2

Like many structural steel fabricators, Pepper Tank and Contracting Company in Casper, Wyoming, is constantly working to improve their efficiency so they can take on more projects, but their progress was hampered by bottlenecks in the loading area and challenges in training new talent—until they discovered SDS2 Load Planning. 


SDS2 Load Planning Empowers You To...

Eliminate Guesswork

SDS2 Load Planning works with IFC fabrication models to assemble loaded trailers in a 3D virtual environment. Simply upload your IFC file and create a plan to start loading trucks in less time.  



Minimize Material Handling

Produces a clear set of instructions every time, making it possible to handle each material once and place it correctly on the trailer the first time. Load the trailer based on the construction phase  to simplify the unloading and erection process.  


Provide Clear Load Maps

3D virtual loading environment provides an opportunity to review loads as a team to plan efficient fabrication and potentially cut down on the number of loads to be shipped.  



Try SDS2 Load Planning free for 30 days and see how you can minimize material handling and optimize your production all the way to the project site. 


Advantages and Features of SDS2 Load Planning

Easy to learn

Allows the user to build virtually in a safe environment in a natural way

Clash Detection

Configure trailers to allow pyramiding, overhangs and more

Irregular Shape Loading

Handle any irregular shape, from steel to wood trusses—if it can be modeled, it can be loaded

Center of Gravity

Can visually see whether the load on the trailer is balanced in all directions

Revision Control

Complete feedback on how an updated model will affect your loaded trailers

IFC Export

Use IFC exports from the top brands such as Cadworks, SDS2, Tekla, etc

Fabricators worldwide have discovered the advantages of SDS2 Load Planning

Calder Stewart
DGS Technical Services Inc
Garrison Steel
GMF Steel Group
Pepper Tank and Contracting

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