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SDS2 Release Notes

SDS2 2021

Release Notes

*Please contact support for release notes from previous versions. 

New Features

  • For Modeling, the selection filter now has a separate selection for 'Girts (Secondary)'. (PR 48382)

Issues Resolved

  • If the connection specifications in upper and lower column (column splice connection) are different, SDS2 may fail the connection.
  • Corrected "Import > 3D > Import Model > File Format" to load the proper "Format-specific options" counterpart.
  • Formerly, selecting an item in modeling, then right-clicking it in the Model Tree widget and selecting "Edit this" would cause an error. The "Edit this" command now properly edits the item.
  • When Verify and Fix determines that a submaterial mark is going to be remapped to another, it will now mark only the members that previously used that mark for Detail Members.
  • Added a utility for correct display of metric bolts when using job.Job().avail_bolts() in Python.
  • In previous versions, exporting PDFs of sheets with the "set plotted flags" checked off was mistakenly not creating links from piecemarks to their drawings.
  • Previously, variable row spacings with more than one '@' were misprinted on the expanded design report, along with an "Unknown Variable Code" warning message.
  • Custom members with a single main material now use the member mark for their main material piecemark when "Use member mark for main material mark in modeling" is checked in setup.
  • A condition that would result in the member edit screen freezing when a clip angle welded to beam web connection was used has been corrected.
  • Updated the formula in load calculation 29 to the presentation from 13th through 15th editions. This did not change the value.
  • Member web stress for skewed angle, wtee and wide flange horizontal braces connecting to a single supporting beam was not checked when "clip-end-operation" was set to "No".
  • An issue with auto column base/cap plates not being centered when bolt rows outside the flange were locked and changed from 0 to 1 has been fixed. This effectively added exterior plate dimensions to the connection. Further, messages about over-constrained connections have been improved to provide more information.
  • The left sidebar of the home screen now includes a license check notification, which will include license expiration warnings.
  • Caged ladder orientation has been corrected.
  • Stick representations of girt members will match solids when viewing a cross section of the girt.
  • The condition that could result in an "Unknown mode command" warning during rotation has been eliminated.
  • Made adjustments to Notes in Modeling to help better reflect changes made to them from other Modeling sessions. (PR 49738)
  • Addressed a memory-overwrite that could occur when using KISS Export and 'Data source' set to 'BOM'. (PR 49789)
  • In some cases, in a vertical brace connection with column cap plate/base plate, the minus dimension is bigger than needed.

    This has been fixed by reducing the clearance between the brace/bolts and the cap/base plate. (PR 49869)
  • For autostandard clip angles with slotted holes in the connection to the supporting member and specified nonstandard gage, now the specified gage is taken into consideration for material detailing and edge distance checks. (PR 49953)
  • Vulcraft joist bearing gage has been changed from 3.25 to 3.5. (PR 49958)
  • For Bill of Material Edit in Drawing Editor, made an adjustment to prevent 'Insert Paste' from crashing. (PR 49968)
  • For Erection View Cleanup Single in Drawing Editor, made adjustments to the 'OK' and 'Apply' buttons to force user changes to be rendered at that time, without needing to save the drawing and then reopen it to see those changes. (PR 49985)
  • Made amendments to allow submaterials to detail more quickly when Reference Models are present in a job. (PR 49998)
  • For editing Dimension objects in Drawing Editor, provided additional checking to help circumvent an issue that could render Drawing Editor as unresponsive. (PR 50002)