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Detailing Templates

Detailing templates are files that can be modified to match specific standards in a detailing office. SDS/2 then uses those to help automatically generate detail drawings. These are different from the SDS/2 system details which are not customizable.

What is the Detailing Template Customization Service?

This service, which can be purchased by any SDS/2 user, allows detail drawings to be customized to their detailing and fabrication standards. This is done by modifying detailing template files that will provide dimensions, labels, etc., to match their standards. This service can be purchased by member type and the files will be maintained by SDS/2 through future releases.

How Can This Help You?

Customizing the detailing templates to match your detailing and fabrication standards will reduce time spent on cleanup.This will increase the efficiency of your detailers, which will in turn reduce cost on a project.

Accuracy of drawings will increase, as special labels will be included in the customized templates, therefore not requiring the detailer to remember to place them each time.

When working with multiple fabricators, a set of detailing templates can be created for each, therefore following standards required by the different shops.

These files can be given to your subcontactors, eliminating inconsistencies.

How Has this Service Helped Other Users?

TSF Structures details and fabricates a range of members beyond standard beams and columns. What originally was a time-consuming and cumbersome process to generate detail drawings for multiple member types morphed into an opportunity to save drawing time and, subsequently, detailing costs. Read the rest of their story

Briese Iron Works frequently uses heavily user-modified curved pour stops with shear studs placed radially in their 3D models. Because of the unique drawing challenges presented by the pour stops, the system-generated details — which included minimal dimensioning — required significant, time-consuming cleanup. The solution involved a customized detailing template that includes all the dimensions to the radial studs, bevel symbols for the cuts on each end, typical weld symbols, dimensions to locate the shear studs vertically on the pour stops, and the rolling offset. Read the rest of their story

What is Required From Me to Use This Service?

An SDS/2 v2016 or newer project, containing the member types and framing situations for which you would like details improved, is required.

SDS/2 will also need an example of finalized detail drawings to help create templates.

Who Should I Contact For More Information?

Contact our SDS/2 sales team for more information by either phone — 800.443.0782 — or email

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