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5 new detailing tools in SDS/2 2020 to boost your productivity
At SDS/2 we are continuously learning from our customers and developing new tools and features to help you succeed. The SDS/2 2020 update introduced several new tools to improve your user experience, boost your productivity, and reduce the potential for errors in your workflow.
How SDS/2’s Automated Connection Design Can Streamline Project Workflows
SDS/2’s automated connection design eliminates RFIs and boosts productivity
Achieve Safer, Smarter, and Faster Loading With a 3D Virtual Truck Loading Solution
Among the latest innovations in steel construction digitalization is SDS/2 Fortosi, the industry’s first 3D truck loading solution, which has proven to enhance workplace safety, optimize loading and handling, and shorten project completion times, bringing a new competitive advantage to fabricators and detailers.
Cloud-Based Modeling 
Learn more about the advantages of using cloud-based modeling and what you need to know to implement it. 
SDS/2 Fortosi - Defining Fortosi
Learn more about the inspiration behind SDS/2 Fortosi and the benefits of using 3D Truck Loading.