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A Secret Advantage for Forward-Thinking Fabricators
Imagine if you could deliver steel the way Apple delivers their tech products. Each trailer perfectly balanced, loads sequenced and arranged to your erector’s preferences, pieces and bundles packaged and nested with your customer’s offloading capabilities in mind. Imagine what your partners in the field could learn about your company before they set a single piece of steel into place.
Three Big Reasons to Ditch Your Trial-and-Error Loading Process Today

There’s a problem with your trial and error loading process, and that problem is error. When you’re working with items weighing two thousand pounds and more, error is not only costly and time-consuming, but dangerous as well. And yet that’s the way it’s always been done—guess and check, trial and error, loading lists and mental maps, or maybe some ad hoc visualization tools.   

Achieve Safer, Smarter, and Faster Loading With a 3D Virtual Truck Loading Solution
Among the latest innovations in steel construction digitalization is SDS/2 Fortosi, the industry’s first 3D truck loading solution, which has proven to enhance workplace safety, optimize loading and handling, and shorten project completion times, bringing a new competitive advantage to fabricators and detailers.
SDS/2 Fortosi - Defining Fortosi
Learn more about the inspiration behind SDS/2 Fortosi and the benefits of using 3D Truck Loading.