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Maximize Your ROI with SDS/2 Online Training & Certification

Adaptability and digitalization were major talking points in the steel industry even before the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has accelerated the conversation for many, introducing new dimensions of uncertainty to ongoing challenges—addressing labor shortages, for example, and preparing next generation talent.


Online SDS/2 Training & Certification

Investing in new skill development is one way to increase versatility for future growth—and that’s true whether we’re in a time of crisis or stability.  

How SDS/2’s Automated Connection Design Can Streamline Project Workflows
In a traditional project workflow, steel connections are often the cause of many RFIs and back-and-forth communication throughout the project lifecycle. SDS/2’s can mitigate many of these issues by streamlining the detailing process and automated intelligent connection design.
Cloud-Based Modeling 
Learn more about the advantages of using cloud-based modeling and what you need to know to implement it.