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Integrating your 3D model with various fabrication software systems greatly increases the value of your 3D model. Fortunately, at SDS2 we recognize this value and have strong relationships with the industry’s top fabrication software providers, like Tekla PowerFab.


The value of your 3D steel model expands exponentially when paired with other software systems in the fabrication process. That’s why SDS2 continues to build partnerships with the industry’s top players around the globe, including fabrication management leader STRUMIS LTD.  

STRUMIS is a global leader in fabrication management information software, with over 30 years in business and customers in 50 countries.   

To help you get the most out of your model data and time, SDS2 is building partnerships with steel industry leaders from around the world. 

Here we are highlighting Steel Projects, a software partner that specializes in real-time shop management, optimizing the link between the detailing office and the shop floor. 

Introducing the SDS2 Toolbox, where you can quickly find and install the latest tools and partner integrations to elevate your detailing productivity.