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Online Estimodeling Training

SDS2 Training

Online Estimodeling Training

This self-guided course will have you up and running with SDS2 Estimodeling in no time. 

About The Course 

The SDS2 Estimodeling online training course covers all the skills, tools, and workflows involved in model-based estimating with SDS2. You will learn basic modeling concepts, connection setup and automation and more. 

  • Learn how to effectively use SDS2 Estimodeling
  • Discover best practices for the Estimating within SDS2
  • Train at your own pace with online training course 
  • Earn a SDS2 Certified Certificate upon completion



  • 2020 SDS2 Detailng or 2020 SDS2 Estimodeling license


Earn Your Certification

After completing ALL lessons in this course, you will receive your SDS2 certificate to add to your website and LinkedIn profile. 


  1. Intro to SDS2
    1. Req’s for this training, large scale of working with SDS2, and how to get started (including the main menu), as well as how to use litmos. 
  2. Setup
    1. Cover basic setup that will affect modeling
      1. Design Criteria
      2. Weld Design Criteria
      3. Bolt, Washer and Hole Options
      4. Schedule of minimums
      5. Zone and Sequences
      6. Base/Cap Plate Schedule
  3. Opening Modeling
    1. Create first plan view 
    2. Covering toolbars
    3. Import Ref Dwg
      1. Show bringing in a pdf 
      2. Scale the pdf and locate it 
  4. Basic modeling (part 1)
    1. Creating Grids using cons lines
      1. All based off the ref drawings
    2. Creating Plan Views
    3. Adding Columns
  5. Basic Modeling (part2)
    1. Adding Beams
      1. First floor
      2. Roof
    2. Adding Joist
    3. Processing and Creating Solids
    4. Making the model Solid
    5. Adding Bracing
  6. Modeling Tools
    1. Selection and Modeling Tips
    2. Copying Members
    3. Move/Stretch
  7. Connections
    1. Auto standard connections
    2. Standard Fabricator Connections
    3. Examples
  8. Import 3D Model
    1. Import Structure to bring in stair/rail 
  9. Advanced modeling
    1. Sequencing
    2. Status display – seq – adv selection
    3. Failed connections
    4. Rolled Canopy
    5. Stair landing (columns)
    6. Stairs
    7. Rails
      1. using the handrail tool
      2. Add to stringer
      3. Add flat rail (spliced around the stairs)
    8. Model Notes
  10. Misc/custom Members and material operations
    1. Grating
    2. Roof Frame
    3. Maybe concrete with embeds?
  11. Estimating materials
    1. Cost Estimator
    2. Qty Takeoffs
    3. Reports - abm – excel reports
  12. Exporting
    1. Show how to access and run the different MRP exports
    2. Model Exports
    3. Export to an IFC file
    4. Creating an RFI
    5. File transfer if sending to a fabricator