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Your Steel Loading is Costing You $$$
Discover how you can cut material handling in half and reduce load times with SDS2 Load Planning, the cutting-edge technology that works with IFC fabrication models to assemble loaded trailers in a 3D virtual environment.

See how SDS2 Load Planning can help transform your traditional steel loading and delivery methods. SDS2 Load Planning is the 3D truck loading solution that produces a clear set of instructions allowing you to efficiently plan the loading and transportation of material.


Join us for this webinar and walk through a live demo from David Zabka, SDS2 Western Territory Manager to learn the many ways SDS2 Load Planning can benefit your shop:

  • Create a real, automated plan
  • Streamline fabrication
  • Eliminate guesswork and rejected loads
  • Minimize material handling
  • Reduce load times
  • Decrease the number of loads


Meet the speaker
David Zabka, Detailing/Fabricating Product Manager at SDS2
David Zabka
Detailing/Fabricating Product Manager

David has been in the industry for over 15 years, beginning as a support representative for SDS2 and taking on more involvement in SDS2 management, sales, and development. As product manager, David helps shape our products to ensure they meet the current and future needs of steel detailers and fabricators.