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Elevate Your Steel Detailing with All-in-One Intelligent Design
May 25, 12:00 PM CDT
Join us for an introduction to SDS2, the ultimate solution in steel detailing providing the world's only all-in-one structural and connection design software.

Discover the power of the market’s only all-in-one steel detailing solution, with intelligent structural and connection design. In this webinar you’ll get an overview of SDS2’s modeling and detailing capabilities, as well as the many automated features to help you elevate your steel detailing.

Plus, for this unique live webinar, we're giving you the opportunity to shape what you want to see. Is there a particular challenge you're looking to solve? Do you do a lot of projects in a certain area? Request your topics in the registration form, and we'll try to accommodate as many requests as we can. 


What to expect

  • Modeling in 2D and 3D
  • Controlling automated connection design
  • Manually editing connections
  • Designing for constructability and erectability
  • Piecemarking control
  • Drawing production
  • Reports and deliverables
  • And more--audience choice! 
Meet the speaker
David Zabka, Solutions Engineer at SDS2
David Zabka
Solutions Engineer

David began with SDS2 in the support department in 2006 and has extensive experience in the steel detailing and fabricating industries. He has been heavily involved in SDS2 management and development since 2014 and is now responsible for sales, satisfaction, and awareness of SDS2.