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Estimodeling for Better Production Management with SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab
SDS2 and Tekla EPM have joined forces to give you complete fabrication management from bid to production.

See how you can harness the power of SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab for model-based fabrication management. SDS2 Estimodeling is the only model-based estimating software with built-in connection design and optimization. Now integrated with Tekla PowerFab, you can leverage your SDS2 model data to accelerate bid time with increased accuracy and take control of your shop production.  

In this webinar, you’ll hear from SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab representatives and walk through a live production workflow with customer Jonathan Henriksen of M&N Structures, a full-service structural steel design and fabrication company.  

Discover what you can do with these two powerful software solutions: 

  • Accelerate bid time with increased accuracy 
  • Quickly run connection optimization for more competitive bids 
  • Get visual, real-time production control 
  • Track materials and optimize usage 
  • Route CNC files automatically 


Tekla PowerFab is an offering of Trimble, an international company focused on positioning-related technology for different industries, including construction.  



Meet the speakers
Chris Randolph
Chris Randolph
Product Manager, Integrations - Tekla PowerFab

Chris Randolph has 24 years of experience in the steel industry, including 20 as a detailer. For the past 4 years he's served as Product Manager, Integrations for Tekla PowerFab. 

Michelle McCarthy
Michelle McCarthy
Vice President of Revenue Operations at SDS2

I love the structural steel industry! I’ve been with SDS2 for over 15 years and in that time have played a few roles while on the sales team. Above all, I am an advocate for SDS2 customers, and I strive daily to ensure that SDS2 plays a major role in their success. As the Vice President of Revenue Operations at SDS2, it is my job to deliver high-quality steel detailing software to our customers, while balancing many behind the scenes responsibilities for the sales department.