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Would you like to be part of the Summit Committee or Advisory Board team and help drive the steel industry and SDS2 product development forward? If so, submit your application now!


  • Summit Committee Officer
  • Advisory Board Member

Voting will take place at this year's SDS2 Summit Business Meeting. Candidates must be present to win. 

Summit Committee

Summit Committee Officers are elected by SDS2 users during the SDS2 Summit Business Meeting every two years. Once elected, that officer also becomes an Advisory Board member. Officer positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 


  • After a President's two-year term:
    • That person will maintain their role as an Advisory Board member for an additional two years
    • Vice President automatically serves as President for a two-year term
  • The Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected every two years



  • Requirements for Advisory Board member must also be met
  • No two or more offices may be held by one person
  • President shall preside at the SDS2 Summit Business Meeting
  • Vice President assists President as needed
  • Secretary keeps meeting minutes and assists as needed
  • Treasurer oversees financial transactions and provides financial reporting as needed
  • All officers assist SDS2 Marketing in SDS2 Summit planning
    • Attending monthly online meetings


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a team of expert engineers, detailers, and fabricators who have a deep understanding of SDS2. Their combined knowledge drives the steel industry forward by providing guidance to SDS2 on product development as well as helping fellow SDS2 users excel in the software. 


  • Sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with Design Data Corporation DBA ALLPLAN and SDS2 
  • Actively promote SDS2 in the industry 
  • Be involved with the SDS2 community 
  • Serve as a product stakeholder by actively participating in meetings and constructively helping SDS2 with product improvements
  • Members are financially responsible for expenses incurred to attend meetings throughout the year: 
    • SDS2 Summit (in-person) 
    • Online meetings 
  • Must be in good standing with Design Data Corporation DBA ALLPLAN and SDS2
  • Only individuals who use the SDS2 software for professional purposes with a legally purchased SDS2 license will be eligible for membership 
  • No more than one person from a single company, at a time, can be a member 

For questions regarding available positions please contact Luis Torres, Advisory Board Chairman, at luis[at] 

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