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A podcast for people who enjoy talking about construction technology, processes, and software. Enjoy casual conversations about the whiskey we're drinking, the latest industry topics, and more with SDS2 experts and guests from across the industry. 

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Episode 028:
Integrating SDS2 with Tekla PowerFab like a Pro

JUNE 2024

Join us on this episode of Steel & Whiskey as we welcome Ricky Horton, an industry expert with extensive experience in SDS2 and its integration with Tekla PowerFab . Ricky shares his insights and valuable knowledge gained from years of hands-on work and collaboration with professionals like SDS2’s James Schwartz. Tune in for an engaging discussion about the latest advancements in steel detailing, project management, and the seamless integration of these powerful tools. Whether you're a steel enthusiast or just curious about the industry, grab your favorite drink and enjoy this laid-back yet informative conversation.

50 minutes

Episode 027:
Crafting Steel and Spirits: The Art of Whiskey with Grain and Barrel Spirits

May 2024

In this episode of Steel & Whiskey, we blend the worlds of steel detailing and whiskey crafting with the team behind Grain and Barrel Spirits' Chicken Cock Whiskey. Discover how the precision and craftsmanship in steel detailing with SDS2 parallels the meticulous process of creating exceptional whiskey. We'll dive into the inspiration behind their unique spirits, the detailed production process, and the principles guiding their brand. Learn how they ensure consistent quality, the role of their barrels, and their latest whiskey innovations. Join us for a captivating conversation that bridges the art of steel and spirits. Cheers! 

40 minutes

Episode 026:
An Inside Look at SDS2 Tech Trek 2024: Register Today!

February 2024

Join us as we unveil SDS2 Tech Treks! Dive into our latest episode where David talks with SDS2 Technical Consultants Jordan and Mark about our latest customer success initiative, coming to a city near you! This series of day-long seminars is designed to elevate your steel detailing expertise. From mastering the latest SDS2 release to enhancing productivity with cutting-edge tools, learn why this event is a must-attend for all levels of SDS2 users. and innovation. Jordan and Mark share their own stories of learning new skill sin SDS2 and provide great insights into how getting up-to-date can unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation. Don't miss out – listen, register, and get ready to level up your skills! 

51 minutes

Episode 025:
Behind the Scenes with Mold-Tek Technologies: SDS2 Solid Steel Award Spotlight

February 2024

In this episode of Steel & Whiskey, join guests Amol and Madhu of Mold-Tek Technologies as they dive into their recent work on Gillette Stadium, which won them the prestigious Customer’s Choice Award in the SDS2 2023 Solid Steel Awards. Mold-Tek is no stranger to award-winning projects, but this one came with its own unique challenges. Tune in as they unpack the unique challenges, from multiple types of truss framing to heavy cruciform columns and more. From unique aspects to innovative solutions, get an exclusive peek behind the scenes of this remarkable steel construction feat.

63 minutes

Episode 024:
Taking the Stairs First and Defying Expectations with SDS2's Josh Hawley

December 2023

In this episode of Steel & Whiskey, David Zabka sits down with Josh Hawley, a senior technical consultant at SDS2. They dive into his background in steel detailing – from taking an internship with a joist manufacturer in high school to joining SDS2 a little over a year ago - and everything in between, including Josh’s teaching stint at a local community college and time spent on his local school board. The two discuss the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the ever-evolving industry, as well as staying up to date on software features, sharing stories about discovering new tools and their functionalities. 

46 minutes

Episode 023:
Engineering Innovations & Whiskey Deliberations: A Chat with Dave Eckrote of IDEA StatiCa

November 2023

Join us on another episode of Steel and Whiskey as we chat with Dave Eckrote from IDEA StatiCa. Discover the innovative world of IDEA StatiCa and their recent release, which includes a new integration with SDS2. Learn how this collaboration is enhancing the experience for both SDS2 and IDEA StatiCa users and improving the connection design process across the steel construction industry. Eckrote shares insights into IDEA StatiCa’s connection library, their plans for the future, and how they're working to make the lives of engineers and detailers easier. Plus, don't miss the unboxing of a unique gift that might just make you chuckle a bit. So, sit back, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy the conversation!

33 minutes

Episode 022:
Live Reactions from SDS2 Summit 2023

October 2023

Join us for a special episode of Steel & Whiskey, recorded on-site at SDS2 Summit 2023 in Omaha, Nebraska. Hosts David Zabka and Michelle McCarthy catch up with customers, speakers, and sponsors halfway through the event to hear what SDS2 Summit means to the steel community and what they’ve loved most about the event so far. Tune in and learn why SDS2 is the premiere learning and networking of the year for the steel community--and why you should mark your calendars for next year’s event in Louisville, Kentucky, September 25-26.

50 minutes

Episode 021:
Bringing Augmented Reality to Steel Fabrication with FabStation’s Randy Warnaar

September 2023

In this episode of "Steel and Whiskey," host David Zabka welcomes Randy Warnaar, co-founder of FabStation, for an insightful conversation about the innovative use of augmented reality in the steel fabrication industry. They discuss how FabStation's technology is transforming the way steel structures are inspected and assembled, increasing accuracy and efficiency. Randy shares his background in the steel industry, the challenges faced by fabricators, and how FabStation's cloud-based solution is simplifying the process. Join them as they delve into the future of steel fabrication and the impact of augmented reality technology. 

38 minutes

Episode 020:
Shaping Steel Detailing History: Conversations with Chris Riley

Chris Riley

August 2023

Meet Chris Riley, a steel detailing veteran whose journey began under his father's, equipping him with skills that span generations. With roots dating back to the 1950s, Chris's evolution from traditional drafting to cutting-edge software like SDS2 and paperless workflows using Bluebeam showcases his innovative spirit. An early adopter and close industry insider, Chris shares stories of some of his favorite challenges, and current projects and showcases the creative thinking that continues to drive his success at Cartee-Berry & Associates. 

57 minutes

Episode 019:
An Inside Look at Construction Software Development with SDS2's Chris Rodgers

August 2023

This week we’re sharing a glimpse behind the curtain with Chris Rodgers, certified “Scrum” master who keeps our development teams running smoothly by coordinating projects, challenging processes, and keeping the paths of progress clear of external obstacles. He discusses the unique challenges posed by the many customized workflows in our customers’ steel shops and explains the Scrum methodology driving SDS2’s development teams through direct communication, problem-solving, and team accountability. Things might get a little nerdy as they dive into some Python, .NET development, and programming talk, but Chris knows his stuff and offers many fascinating insights into the world of construction software innovation that are well worth the listen!

36 minutes

Episode 018:
From Detailer to Innovator: Paul Hemenway's Journey at Delta Structural Steel Services

Episode 018: Paul Hemenway

August 2023

Paul Hemenway’s dynamic journey at Delta Structural Steel Services is a close mirror of the company’s technological evolution. Starting out as a detailer, he now spearheads client relations and manages estimating while championing innovative solutions. Listen in as he shares his journey—with a few humorous detours—and explains Delta’s commitment to innovation, which began with their early adoption of SDS2 and later, SDS2 Cloud and other technology. Hear why it’s so important to be tech-savvy in today’s marketplace and why Paul is so pumped up for SDS2 Summit 2023—and why you should be, too!

62 minutes

Episode 017:
Joining Forces: Enhancing Project Efficiency with Bluebeam and SDS2

Ep 17: Marv Moreno and Mike Olsen

August 2023

In this podcast episode, Marv Moreno and Mike Olson from Bluebeam discuss various topics, including introductions, Bluebeam's place in the Nemetschek portfolio, the relationship between Bluebeam and SDS2, and the efficiency of project communication using Bluebeam's features. They delve into how Bluebeam aids in drawing and document management, design review, QA/QC processes, and how SDS2 customers can benefit from these workflows. They also explore what Marv and Mike want to learn about SDS2 and present a promotion for Bluebeam customers interested in trying SDS2. The episode concludes with a call to action for interested listeners to reach out for more information and a special offer.

48 minutes

Episode 016:
The Value of an SEAA Membership with Chris Legnon

August 2023

We have a new host for today’s episode, as SDS2’s Nate Bloch sits down with Chris Legnon, a fellow member of the Steel Erectors Association of America. Learn how Chris got started in the field as an early intern at Cooper Steel and has climbed the ladder to serve as their VP of technology 20 years later. Shoutout to local fabricator Midwest Steel Works for Nate's start, too! Chris discusses the value of the SEAA membership, including networking opportunities, access to a wealth of shared knowledge, as well as managing the impact of BIM, technology, data, and software on our future.

44 minutes

Episode 015:
Streamlining Construction Processes: Insights from Geoff Blumber of Hexagon

Geoffrey Blumber

july 2023

Join Geoffrey Blumber, the Technical Sales Manager for Hexagon's 2D/3D Design and Analysis Solutions, as he discusses how technology, like SDS2, is revolutionizing construction. Discover how data interoperability is streamlining piping and industrial design, leading to better business outcomes and superior structures. Explore the challenges faced in P&ID, such as design sequencing and information flow to steel detailers. Gain valuable insights from Geoff, an industry visionary transforming the construction landscape.

42 minutes

Episode 014:
Faster Response Times with Monica Rennick, Head of Customer Support

june 2023

In our latest podcast episode, we shine a spotlight on our newly appointed Head of Support and her unwavering dedication to improving response times for customer tickets. With a laser-focused approach on customer satisfaction, she reveals her plans to streamline processes, leverage technology, and empower our support team to provide rapid and meaningful resolutions. Tune in to gain valuable insights and inspiration as we embark on this mission to elevate our customer support to new heights

35 minutes

Episode 013:
The Nemetschek Vision: Shaping the world in all dimensions with Matt Wheelis

jun 2023

From planning to execution, the Nemetschek Group has what you need to be successful in the AEC industry. Take it from Matt Wheelis, Senior Vice President of Strategy for the build and construct division. Today Matt talks about driving business growth through organic and inorganic synergies,what's in store for the future, and how the Nemetschek Group is planning to lean into technological changes and shape the world in all dimensions: 2D, 3D, and beyond.

42 minutes

Episode 012:
The Evolution of a Steel Detailer

may 2023

David Zabka and Doug Evans discuss the history of steel detailing, taking us back in time to the very beginning of CAD and BIM and its delivery. Learn the who/what/why of a steel detailer, what we really sell, and how the value of SDS2 has changed as the function of a steel detailer has evolved.

45 minutes

Episode 011:
That's a Wrap NASCC 2023: Highlights, Insights, and Takeaways

That's a Wrap NASCC 2023

apr 2023

Hear what went down in Charlotte, North Carolina at the outstanding NASCC Steel Conference April 12- 14. As the lanyard sponsors, SDS2 had a significant presence and enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with our partners and hear about new efficiencies with everything from load planning and site planning tools to robotics. 

20 minutes

Episode 010:
A Steel Tech Talk with AISC's Luke Faulkner

apr 2023

As Director of Technology Integrations for AISC, Luke Faulkner has been at the forefront of steel technology for over 18 years. Today, with the advent of technology like Chat GPT and other AI solutions, the technology landscape is advancing faster than ever.

51 minutes

Episode 009:
Customer Success First with Dan Istvan

mar 2023

Welcome to the next step of the SDS2 and ALLPLAN merger: customer success. Sit down with Dan Istvan, VP Americas, and Michelle McCarthy, Regional Manager Americas, as they discuss their plans to improve customer success and share simple tips and tricks in SDS2 to streamline your workflows and make your life easier every day.

29 minutes

Episode 008:
WIC Week Special: Stomping out Stereotypes of Women in Construction with Chloe Osorio

mar 2023

Step into a day in the life of a civil engineer, Chloe Osorio. Chloe works in the power industry, with a current focus on renewable energy projects. She is passionate about the value of social media and uses it as a tool to work to break stereotypes of women in STEM. She is a girlie girl who steps from heels to steel toed boots into construction mode real quick.

36 minutes

Episode 007:
WIC Week Special: Girls FRICKin Rule with Baily Frick

mar 2023

On this episode, we’re celebrating Women in Construction Week by talking to Baily Frick, steel detailer/modeler for KMA Steel. Nobody puts Baily Frick in a corner. She knows her stuff and isn’t afraid to speak up, as she did on stage at SDS2 Summit in San Antonio last fall. Hear how she got started in steel detailing, how SDS2 has influenced her journey, and why she believes expertise is much more important than gender in determining your success.

 49 minutes

Episode 006:
Building the future with Senior VP of Product & Strategy Eduardo Lazzarotto

FEB 2023

Get to know Eduardo Lazzarotto, Senior Vice President of Product & Strategy, (a shining star with impressive experience from the recent Allplan and SDS2 merger) and how he plans to continue to grow Allplan's diverse portfolio in the USA and around the world. David and Eduardo talk building better with future software trends, innovation in the AEC industry, the digital revolution, and automation. See if he's sticking around for the NASCC!

21 minutes

Episode 005:
SDS2 2022, Robotics in Structural Steel, and New Lead on Joists

mar 2022

On Episode 5 of Steel & Whiskey, the guys highlight their favorite features of the latest SDS2 release--from the handrail enhancements to login-based licensing--and share the latest buzz from their travels.

17 minutes

Episode 004:
News from the Road

nov 2021

Doug Evans and David Zabka are toasting to travel on this episode of Steel & Whiskey as they share the latest news from tradeshows and meetings across the country. From Fabtech and AISC to the CFA, Texas Structural Steel Institute, and our own SDS2 Summit. 

18 minutes

Episode 003:
SpeedCore, SpeedFloor, and More with AISC's Luke Faulkner

may 2021

Luke Faulkner, Director of Technology Integration at AISC, joins the podcast to discuss the Need for Speed - AISC's plan to make steel construction 50% faster by 2025. They're already taking big strides with modular innovations like SpeedCore and SpeedFloor. 

32 minutes

Episode 002:
Support, Training, and Education at SDS2

mar 2021

Kari Kraus, customer success extraordinaire, joins Doug and Michelle to take us through a day in the life of the SDS2 support team. From fostering users’ daily success to cultivating the next generation of steel detailers through our education initiative, Kari has a hand in it all.

26 minutes

Episode 001:
What are Steel Detailers with NISD's Ryan Wunderle

mar 2021

Ryan Wunderle of the National Institute of Steel Detailers joins the show to talk about the career of a steel detailer. From getting started to becoming “experienced,” and the growing role of detailers today. He shares his insights as the founder of a detailing company and talks about training and networking opportunities with NISD.

30 minutes