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023 \ Engineering Innovations & Whiskey Deliberations: A Chat with Dave Eckrote of IDEA StatiCa

Join us on another episode of Steel and Whiskey as we chat with Dave Eckrote from IDEA StatiCa. Discover the innovative world of IDEA StatiCa and their recent release, which includes a new integration with SDS2. Learn how this collaboration is enhancing the experience for both SDS2 and IDEA StatiCa users and improving the connection design process across the steel construction industry. Eckrote shares insights into IDEA StatiCa’s connection library, their plans for the future, and how they're working to make the lives of engineers and detailers easier. Plus, don't miss the unboxing of a unique gift that might just make you chuckle a bit. So, sit back, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy the conversation! 

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