bimplus by allplan


Now available: As an SDS2 Detailing subscription customer, you have the option to receive a free Bimplus Pro Plan with a new subscription or when you renew your current SDS2 subscription. Register today to get started.


break down silos

With Bimplus by ALLPLAN, detailers and fabricators can seamlessly share model information with all project stakeholders through advanced visualization tools and other features. As a cloud-based platform, Bimplus allows you to access project data anytime, from any device, and easily integrate data from other stakeholders to manage, merge, and review designs in a centralized platform. 

To get started using Bimplus and SDS2 together, you'll need to sign up for a Bimplus license and download the Bimplus Upload from the SDS2 Toolbox


Download Bimplus Upload for SDS2

centralized project management

Uploading your SDS2 model to Bimplus gives you an easy way to share and manage project data in a secure environment. Advanced features like version control, model coordination, clash detection, task management, and more empower you to coordinate seamlessly with your teams and other stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.   

what can you do with bimplus?


Centrally aggregate models in a neutral environment and visualize in a powerful viewer. Assign attribute data and run clash checks. Avoid uncoordinated information leading to errors.

Manage, access, and exchange more information in shorter timeframes, from multiple sources in multiple formats. Instant status availability, together with documents and models history.

Visualize any revision of any model and compare revisions of the same model. Make informed decisions sooner, reduce risk, errors, and the impact of multiple revisions and change.

Monitor and manage BIM projects efficiently over entire design to build lifecycles. Maintain full control over all sub-models and track all open and closed tasks.

Visually communicate and establish discrepancies or collisions easily in design stages. Convey design intent into construction.

Conveniently access and update project data anywhere, at any time and on any device. Connect teams, partners, suppliers and contractors across all project stages.

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