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SDS2 Toolbox: Optimize Steel Delivery with Erection Order and Preliminary Load Planning Tools


Looking for a better way to organize your steel from shop to site? With new tools from SDS2, it’s easier than ever for fabricators and erectors to incorporate erection sequencing and shipment data directly into the steel detailing model. Join us for a first look at the SDS2 Toolbox: Erection Order and Preliminary Load Planning tools, and discover a simple but powerful workflow for maximizing precision and efficiency as you navigate the tightest jobsites and timelines.

SDS2 2024 Release Overview: Design Codes, ABM Enhancements, and More


Join SDS2 product managers for a first look at the new features and enhancements in SDS2 2024, the latest release of our powerful steel detailing and fabrication software. Key developments to SDS2’s proprietary design engine include AISC 16th Edition and CISC 12th Edition updates, ensuring worry-free compliance for North American steel projects. We’ll also unveil a few all-new connections and calculation report enhancements.

Optimize Your Connection Design Workflows with SDS2 and IDEA StatiCa


SDS2 and IDEA StatiCa are two of the biggest players when it comes to intelligent steel connection design—and now, with IDEA StatiCa’s latest release and their new SDS2 BIM link, you can easily integrate these two powerful tools. In this joint webinar, we’ll walk you through a complete connection design workflow, showing you how to export and synchronize SDS2’s automated connections directly to IDEA StatiCa, complete with all beams, cross sections, and operations. You’ll learn how SDS2’s automated connections complement IDEA StatiCa’s unique design and analysis capabilities and discover how to optimize your steel designs to save time and money on your next project.

Elevate Your Detailing Services with Estimodeling


For steel fabricators, the benefits of adopting an estimodeling workflow far outweigh any drawbacks—improved bid accuracy, faster project delivery, enhanced collaboration, early clash detection, and better production workflows. But how can detailing firms and subcontract detailers take advantage of this growing trend? Join SDS2 and DGS Technical Services in a joint webinar as we discuss the ins and outs of estimodeling and reveal how detailers can elevate their service offerings as professional BIM estimodelers.

A Quick Guide to Detailing Pour Stops in SDS2

on demand

Pour stops are common elements used in a variety of structures, from industrial platforms to hospitals and office buildings. In this webinar, we’ll give you an overview of the various detailing and modeling techniques for pour stops in SDS2 and demonstrate some tips and tricks for mastering pour stops in your next project. 

Precision Meets Efficiency with SDS2 + Bend-Tech Integration for Handrail Fabrication

On demand

Bend-Tech is one of the industry’s leaders in tube and pipe cutting, helping fabricators improve manufacturing quality and production time with its versatile combination of software and CNC machines. A new integration with SDS2 Detailing software will allow users to send SDS2 model geometry directly to Bend-Tech’s software for fast and accurate production. Join SDS2 and Bend-Tech in this joint webinar to see the integration workflow from detailing model to fabricated steel. We’ll show you how to eliminate manual programming in the shop with a simple file transfer and walk you through the final production as we show the Bend-Tech Dragon in action.

Streamline Miscellaneous Steel Fabrication with SDS2 + HGG Integration

On Demand

A brand new integration between SDS2 and HGG is here to help you eliminate duplicate and manual programming for your miscellaneous steel projects. Join representatives from both companies as they demonstrate the new functionality across SDS2 and HGG’s ProCam software.

Quick and Easy: Detailing an Industrial Pipe Rack in SDS2

on demand

Join us in this webinar as we demonstrate a pipe rack project from start to finish. We’ll walk you through how to easily input steel with a reference drawing, utilize automated connections to deliver a connected model, import IFC models of the supported pipe infrastructure, and more.

How KL&A Overcame Complexity in the Joslyn Art Museum Expansion


Join KL&A and SDS2’s Josh Hawley as they discuss the project’s many detailing and design challenges, including a rolled grand stairway, a 40-foot cantilevered entry, steel-framed skylights, and more.

Advanced Techniques for Detailing Curved Stairs


In this webinar, we'll walk through the entire workflow of detailing curved stairs in SDS2, from identifying dimensions to model input and drawing creation. 

Don’t Believe the Rumors. Here’s How to Sync SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab


Join SDS2 and Jonathan Henriksen of M&N Structures as we demonstrate how to sync your SDS2 model with Tekla PowerFab.

Overcoming Design and Coordination Challenges for Industrial Kiln Project

on demand

Join us as we go behind the scenes with Steelweb, Inc., on their SDS2 Solid Steel Award-winning industrial project, the American Zinc Recycling Kiln located in Chicago, Illinois.

SDS2 2023 Series: New and Enhanced Connection Design

on demand

In this webinar we'll cover hss vertical bracing to various wide flange members with stiffeners, support for weak axis moment loads, web extension plates, and more.

SDS2 2023 Series: Applying and Using Surface Finishes

on demand

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to define finishes in your project settings, set up your bill of material, and apply finishes quickly and efficiently to the whole member or to separate materials.

SDS2 2023 Series: The Latest SDS2 Toolbox Items

on demand

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the most recent additions in SDS2 2023 including beam bearing plate, ear plate, leveling plate, and more.

SDS2 2023 Series: Modeling Improvements for Saving Material Operations

on demand

Learn about the latest developments to the API, including an upgrade to Python 3 and more flexible options for creating holes, bolts, and welds. Plus, see a custom application in action that allows you to schedule file creation using the API.

SDS2 2023 Series: API Developments

on demand

Learn about the latest developments to the API, including an upgrade to Python 3 and more flexible options for creating holes, bolts, and welds. Plus, see a custom application in action that allows you to schedule file creation using the API.

What to Expect in SDS2 2023

on demand

Join us for a special first look at the latest new tools and enhancements coming in SDS2 2023. 

Detailers Can Win Bigger Projects with Cloud Collaboration

on demand

Join SDS2 and Brian Thompson of KMA Steel to learn how small detailers can take advantage of SDS2 on the cloud to collaborate with "in-house" & subcontract detailers from around the world.

Save Time Detailing Your Next Industrial Project

on demand

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through how to detail some of the most common elements you encounter in industrial projects such as cage ladders, grating, checkered and diamond plates, stairs, rails, and more. 

How to Accelerate Project Timelines with Model Review and Approval

on demand

Learn how detailers can leverage model review and approval to shorten project timelines, gain a competitive edge on big projects, and improve their profit margins.

Streamline Your Material Handling from Shop to Field with SDS2 Load Planning

on demand

Discover the power of SDS2 Load Planning, a simple 3D tool to help you turn building models into optimized loads.

Integrating Engineering and Detailing with RISA and SDS2

on demand

Join us in the RISA Tech, Inc. webinar, Integrating Engineering & Detailing with RISA & SDS2, to learn how recent innovations are allowing engineers and fabricators to work collaboratively, leveraging important information through model exchange between RISA-3D and SDS2

Get Ahead of Schedule with Pre-Erection Planning Tools from SDS2

on demand

Join SDS2 and Michael Tomlin from Cooper Steel to see how you can get ahead of project deadlines with SDS2 Load Planning and Site Planning. 

Empowering Your People with Automated Fabrication Systems

on demand

Discover how you can increase efficiency in your fabrication shop with automated equipment and robotic solutions.

Integrated Fabrication: Bringing Your Steel Detailing, MRP, and CNC Solutions Together to Maximize Production

on demand

Join SDS2 customer Brion Hardin Construction to hear how they utilize their SDS2 steel detailing software, STRUMIS steel fabrication MRP software, and EMI plasma cutters together to maximize production in their shop.

Introducing SDS2's New Licensing: Live Q&A Webinar

on demand

Easily manage your SDS2 licenses with our new login-based licensing.

Navigating Robotics in Structural Steel Fabrication

on demand

SDS2 partners with robotics leaders across the steel industry to ensure you get the most out of your automated equipment.

Rebar Detailing in Allplan: Creating 3D Models with a 2D Workflow

Join this special joint webinar with SDS2 and Allplan to learn how rebar detailers can tackle 3D with ease. With Allplan Engineering, you can work in a familiar 2D environment while enjoying all the benefits of 3D, along with Allplan's many intelligent features, such as automated clash detection, scheduling, workflow detailing, splicing, and more

How Fabricators and Detailers are Overcoming Talent Shortages with SDS2

on demand

SDS2 is working with detailing and fabrication companies to help attract talent and develop a skilled workforce.

Save Time and Reduce Errors with SDS2 Detailing for India

on demand

In this webinar you’ll meet SDS2's local representative for India and get an overview of SDS2’s modeling and detailing capabilities, as well as the many automated features to help save you time and reduce errors on every project. 

Elevate Your Steel Detailing with All-in-One Intelligent Design

on demand

Join us for an introduction to SDS2, the ultimate solution in steel detailing providing the world's only all-in-one structural and connection design software.

Optimize Your Shop in Real Time with SDS2 and Steel Projects

on demand

Learn how you can maximize your shop efficiency with the latest integration between SDS2 and Steel Projects, a complete, digitalized solution for real-time shop management.

Your Steel Loading is Costing You $$$

on demand

Discover how you can cut material handling in half and reduce load times with SDS2 Load Planning, the cutting-edge technology that works with IFC fabrication models to assemble loaded trailers in a 3D virtual environment.

Estimodeling for Better Production Management with SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab

on demand

See how you can harness the power of SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab for model-based fabrication management. SDS2 Estimodeling is the only model-based estimating software with built-in connection design and optimization.