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SDS2 Toolbox offers a variety of tools that help streamline workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and improve productivity. Designed to integrate seamlessly with SDS2 software, SDS2 Toolbox provides users with a comprehensive set of tools and features for designing and detailing steel structures.

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Toolbox Installers (All)

Get all of the toolbox items in one installer. Download an installer with all of the toolbox items for a specific version. …

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PypeServer Connect

PypeServer Connect is a powerful SDS2 plugin that takes the hassle out of pipe profiling by streamlining the selection, data validation, and…

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Updated Shapes Properties

Access the most up-to-date Shapes Properties files from AISC and CISC. Two installers are available so you can choose to add new files or overwrite…

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Bimplus Upload

Experience seamless BIM collaboration with Bimplus by ALLPLAN

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Preliminary Load Planning

Easily prepare load lists and determine the number of trailers needed to ship steel to a job site based on trailer weight limits directly from your SDS2 model.

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Erection Order - Tool, Import/Export

Erector Order

Easily assign an erection order to selected items in your model to provide precise sequencing data directly in SDS2.

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Bend-Tech Export


Bend-Tech is one of the industry’s leaders in tube and pipe cutting, helping fabricators improve manufacturing quality and production times. This…

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HGG Pipe Cutting

Stop duplicating your efforts and manual programming for miscellaneous steel fabrication. Developed in close collaboration with HGG, this collection…

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Autodesk Revit

The Autodesk Revit tool facilitates a transfer of information through the direct API interface between Autodesk Revit and SDS2. With this tool,…

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RISA Import

The RISA Import allows users to import .r3d files from RISA-3D structures, with the option to include member end reactions. This makes it easier to…

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Tekla PowerFab

Tekla PowerFab is a dedicated plugin, that allows you to easily export and import data between SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab. The latest update includes…

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Ear Plate

The ear plate component adds plate materials to the ends of beam members that are level with the top flange. 

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No Paint Surfaces

Adds No Paint material as a component between two touching surfaces, to have denoted areas tagged as No Paint on Member Details when using Detailing…

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Leveling Plate

The leveling plate component allows you to add a plate for anchor bolt plans to the bottom of a user base plate. It duplicates the shape and holes…

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Beam Bearing Plate

The Beam Bearing Plate component adds a bearing plate connection to a supported beam that is framed over the top of the supporting beam. The component…

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Shuriken (Atlas Tube)

 The Shuriken (Atlas Tube) component lets you make field bolted HSS splices using standard A325 and A490 bolts. Shuriken gets tacked in place with a…

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MiTek - SidePlate Connections

The MiTek SidePlate Component for SDS2, combined with a project-specific XML file from, allows detailers to import all SidePlate…

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BV Toolbox Collection

This installer includes the following:

  • For SDS2 2023 and newer:
    • Macro…

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DuraFuse Frames

DuraFuse Frames provide rigid beam-to-column moment connections that resist wind and earthquake forces with less steel weight and simplified…

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EMI Piecemaker Export

Cut back on your machine programming time for pipe cutting and bending with the EMI Piecemaker Export tool. Transfer your data directly from SDS2 to…

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Member Line Extend

The member line extend collection of tools is designed to minimize the need for tedious adjustments on imported models. Automate and improve…

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Cost Estimator

Generate a cost estimate from your model in a matter of seconds. Using either default or customized cost variables, this tool will calculate the cost…

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This integration allows you to export a .BSWX file with your model, NC data*, and drawings directly to STRUMIS, which in turn handles the import. With…

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SDS2’s partnership with CoreBrace enables seamless and accurate integration of CoreBrace members and components into SDS2 models. Easily model…

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Dimension Clearance

The dimension clearance tool allows you to visually display dimensions between materials in the 3D model quickly and easily, saving you time and…

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Dimension Member

Quickly determine the end-to-end dimensions of a member with the dimension member tool. Select a single member or multiple members, and SDS2 will…

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Galvanizing Check

The galvanizing check tool in SDS2 will run checks for safety and fabrication concerns on galvanized materials in your model. These include: …

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E-Z Beam Release

SDS2’s integration with the E-Z Beam Release tool allows users to add slots to the top flange of a wide flange or welded plate flange according to E-Z…

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Bid Wizard

Easily export model data from SDS2 to Steel Erection Bid Wizard for automated data population. With this integration, users can export an early design…

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Zeman Beam Assembler

The Zeman export tool supports seamless integration between SDS2 and the Zeman robotic welder for automated fabrication solutions. …

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Deck Support

The Deck Support component makes it easy to add deck support material to the top flange of a beam. Break points can be added automatically around…

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Column Deck Support - Beam

The Column Deck Support - Beam component allows you to add decking support material to a column with reference to the top or bottom flange of a…

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Welded Studs

The Welded Studs component in SDS2 allows you to add shear or threaded studs to any face of a beam or column in a variety of patterns. Set up your…

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