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Shuriken (Atlas Tube)

Shuriken (Atlas Tube)

 The Shuriken (Atlas Tube) component lets you make field bolted HSS splices using standard A325 and A490 bolts. Shuriken gets tacked in place with a nut in the shop, and bolts go in quickly in the field, with no special tools required. Shuriken can handle bearing or slip-critical connections and brings all the benefits of HSS without the welding. 

This plugin lets you add bolted HSS splices using Shuriken to your model in just a few clicks, including all of the splice plates, shim plates and hardware. Just enter the bolt pattern and splice plate thickness, and let the plugin do the rest. Or take more control and adjust bolt spacing, plate size, edge distances and erection gaps manually.

The latest release has been enhanced to work with beams, braces, and one-inch bolts.

Owner: Shuriken | Atlas Tube

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