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Save time & money with field-ready designs

SDS2 by ALLPLAN comes with built-in connection design and more intelligence than anything else on the market, helping you avoid clashes and increase profitability on every project. 

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lower project costs with more buildable designs.

The biggest design savings aren't found through smaller section sizes, but rather in connections that are efficient to fabricate and erect. SDS2 is the only connection design software that delivers a 360-degree analysis of framing conditions and automatically adjusts for potential issues with fabrication and erection, which leads to lower project costs and fewer RFIs. 

avoid conflicts and accelerate project timelines

Steel connection design from SDS2 gives you fabrication-efficient connections with automatic clash detection—and they're all fully validated with expanded design calculations for the complete structural node. Whether you use SDS2 for design or review, you can trust our connections to be field- and fabrication-ready—and to deliver you massive time savings. 

streamline reviews and enhance communication

Standard connection schedules add RFIs and costs to the project, but with SDS2 you can go beyond schedules to real-world steel intelligence and reliable design calculations. With simple feedback options and status displays, you can clearly communicate any design changes and approvals within the model environment in real time. 


With intelligence fit for the real world, SDS2 can help you avoid costly design errors and inefficiencies and maximize profits on every project.

Customized design automation is optimized to the strengths and preferences of the steel fabricator for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Save time on RFIs and deliver better connections from the start with our automated connection design.

Our design intelligence ensures fabrication- and erection-ready connections for superior buildability.

Get all the data and calculations you need to review at your fingertips, easily analyze connections, and leave live feedback in the model.

Integrated cloud technology supports for real-time multi-user modeling for clash-free collaboration.

Smoothly import and export data from other software to support all your design workflows.

Automatically generate drawings and reports from the 3D model for accurate, high-quality documentation.

Easily communicate design intent with interactive reports and simple model review workflows, including live, in-model feedback and status displays.

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what can you do with sds2's new connection cubes?

Chronically overlooked, oversimplified, or overdesigned by engineers, connections are one of the largest factors in determining project costs. SDS2's new “connection cubes” give you a new way to leverage SDS2’s well-established connection design intelligence to facilitate better communication and better designs.

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use sds2 to solve these 10 common field errors

Many software solutions still depend on the structural steel detailer to examine the complete node, consider conflicts that might occur during erection, and make tedious adjustments on each member in the model or drawing. But SDS2’s automated connection design is built with the end goal in mind—a completed project.

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In this webinar, we cover hss vertical bracing to various wide flange members with stiffeners, support for weak axis moment loads, web extension plates, and more.

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