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SDS/2 Edge

SDS/2 Edge

Multi-User Environment

SDS/2 Edge provides cloud hosting of your entire desktop and more, creating a virtual community of SDS/2 users and simplifying model sharing. Edge also lowers overall IT infrastructure costs and eliminates the need for continual maintenance and upgrades. 

Work From Anywhere

Cloud-based modeling enables users to work wherever they are, allowing access to the latest data from the office, in the field, or at home. 

Real Time Collaboration

Unique live multi-user networking allows multiple employees working in the same model at the same time from anywhere.

Everything Is Included

With SDS/2 Edge, all network administration and SDS/2 installation and upgrade services are included at no additional cost.

Stay Connected From the Shop, Office and Field

With a live multi-user environment, SDS/2 is available from any location and any device – whether your team is in the field, the office, or working from home. This allows for open collaboration between steel detailers, fabricators and even engineers that value competitive advantages like scalability and delivering projects on accelerated timelines. 

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Improve Collaboration and Accelerate Project Timelines

SDS/2 Edge enables collaboration strategies throughout the lifecycle of a project for all who value scalability and accelerated timelines. Between live multi-user modeling only offered by SDS/2 and cloud-based model review, detailers, fabricators, and engineers collaborating on SDS/2 Edge are better prepared for projects of the future.

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Everything You Need to Get the Job Done

SDS/2 Edge shifts the typical hardware investment requiring updates every few years to subscription-based access to the most up-to-date hardware at all times. Daily IT tasks like backups, software installation and upgrades are automated and included. For SDS/2 Edge the only requirements are an internet connection with at least a 2MB bandwidth and a device to connect with for modifying or viewing the SDS/2 model. 


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