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SDS/2 Viewer

SDS/2 Viewer

Connecting Everyone Who Builds to Everything They Need

SDS/2 Viewer allows the user to view and navigate through the 3D model and all 2D drawings. It is a simple, free way to share your model with owners, architects or any other contractors who may need to view the model.

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Share with Project Partners

Enables all project partners, from owners and architects to erectors in the field, to view the model and all associated data for construction.

View Status and Sequences

Keep a pulse on the project with status tools that color code the model by fabrication or erection sequence, review progress and more.

Free Drawing Viewer

Internal and external stakeholders can utilize the free SDS/2 Viewer for viewing project progress at no additional cost.

Quickly Share Your Model With Other Construction Professionals

Project succss depends on effective communication. SDS/2 Viewer is the tool that provides project stakeholders access to the steel detailing and fabrication data created by SDS/2 to help communicate issues and progress contributing to more successful project experiences for your customers.

Streamline Collaboration with Progress Visualization

Model status tools enable color-coding for straightforward visual feedback in the 3D model that pays off. The context gained by spatial relationships of steel that is on hold, under revision, shipped or erected, helps the construction team as a whole make better decisions for the good of the project. 

Reduce Project Timeline and Improve Communication

The free SDS/2 Viewer democratizes the data that resides within the SDS/2 Detailing model, making it available to all partners on the project. Cut down time spent waiting for RFIs, improve the clarity of communication and enhance steel detailing and fabrication deliverables.

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Learn how SDS/2 can help you accelerate project timelines, minimize material costs and improve project accuracy.