frequently asked questions

SDS2 Licensing

Our login-based licensing makes it easier than ever to borrow SDS2 seats for offline use and move between devices. Plus, you’ll get better usage analytics and be able to make immediate updates to your account.    

Benefits to the user: 

  • Automated upgrades based off your maintenance status or subscription renewal.   
  • The ability to borrow licenses, away from an internet connection, for specific timeframes.  
  • Removing the dependency on a physical hasp. 
  • Ability to manage users access to SDS2. 
  • View analytics on usage. 
  • Easily move between machines using a single license. 


update | may 2022

New versions of SDS2 were released on May 16 with a patch for licensing validation. It is critical for all customers to install and use the updated versions of SDS2. If you have not reinstalled SDS2 since May 16, please do so as soon as possible. 


Here are some tips for reinstalling the latest SDS2 versions:

  • If your users are running previous and newer versions which both use the new licensing, they could be asked to log in each time the program is started. To address this, please make sure you have installed and are running the most current versions for each major release.
  • To ensure your users are launching the correct versions, please remove all desktop shortcuts and pinned taskbar icons prior to installing the latest releases. Desktop icons can be automatically created at the time of installation.


New versions of SDS2 2017 and above will be compatible with the new licensing. SDS2 2022 will only work with the new licensing. New installers will be made available in Q1 2022. 

SDS2 Viewer is not affected—it is a free product and does not require a license.

Yes. SDS2 Load Planning will operate with the same licensing system as other SDS2 products. A new release of SDS2 Load Planning will be available in Q1 2022 that will be compatible with the new licensing.

Yes. To avoid downtime when your current license expires or your hasp fails, you need to set up the login as soon as possible. Also, you will need to install new SDS2 versions which work with the new licensing.

There is no hasp, no license file, and no license manager. You no longer need to update licenses due to changes to your account. Stopping and starting the license manager is a thing of the past. 

Since there is no hasp, license file, or license manager, SDS2’s new licensing requires an email-based login to validate your license over the internet.

All contacts on file with a valid email will receive an email invitation to create an account. Contacts not on file with SDS2 are the responsibility of the company Admin to add. 

Click the Reset Password when starting SDS2 and follow the instructions.

Contacts currently receiving license files are a company Admin. To change this, please contact your Account Manager.

Only a company Admin can manage logins. An Admin can add and remove users, create groups, associate users to groups, and view usage. An Admin could be a Detailing Manager, IT Manager, etc.

Yes. After the initial invitations are sent out, your company Admin can manage the logins. 

Yes. Internet access is required for periodic license validation.

If you are not connected to the internet all the time or you have a planned outage, users can borrow the license for up to 28 days, allowing them to run SDS2 from anywhere.

In addition, if you lose your internet connection or experience an unplanned outage, SDS2 will continue to run for 5 days. Once reconnected to the internet, the license will re-validate in the background.

No. Unless you manually log out, you will remain logged into SDS2 when you open and close it.

You will login to SDS2 once you are logged into your SDS2 Cloud machine. 

Contact your Account Manager to discuss further.

SDS2 must communicate with for licensing validation. If it cannot, you will need to consult your IT. 

No, you are not required to send the hasp back to SDS2.

Yes. Older SDS2 versions, which worked with the existing licensing, will continue to run until the license file expires or the hasp battery fails.