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SDS2 is continuously building partnerships with top organizations across the steel industry. From detailing tools to CNC data, we're helping users pave the way to better productivity. Browse our list of integrations below or contact us to begin a new partnership.


partner plugins & tools


The SidePlate for SDS2 component and tools are plugins that offer a level of automation and intelligence for our users to efficiently place SidePlate connections into their SDS2 projects. 

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Autodesk Revit

The Autodesk Revit tool facilitates a transfer of information through the direct API interface between Autodesk® Revit® and SDS2, transferring the engineer’s information with the steel fabricator or detailer.

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Easily model CoreBrace's signature Buckling Resistant Bracing (BRBs) in SDS2. 

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Simpson Strong-Tie

The Simpson Strong-Tie Yield-Link connection saves time and money while providing a connection keeping structural steel buildings strong and safe. This plugin is distributed by Simpson Strong-Tie.


DuraFuse Frames provides rigid beam-to-column moment connections that resist wind and earthquake forces with less steel weight and simplified fabrication. For quicker and more autonomous steel detailing, use the DuraFuse Frames SDS2 component.

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design & detailing integrations


Free up your hands and let Voice2CAD type out all dimensions, material types, and typical drawing annotations for you. Designed and tested specifically for modeling and detailing environments. 

RISA Technologies

RISA and SDS2 work collaboratively to enable engineers to transfer their design to fabrication.

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Magnus, an SDS2 distributor, also integrates their unique project management module, MDM, with SDS2 to add to your productivity gains.


EPCs using Integraph Smart 3D to design their projects benefit from SDS2 Connect, a connection design plugin for S3D. The benefits don't stop there, because the engineer's work transfers effortlessly into SDS2 Detailing for detailing and fabrication.




MRP, MIS & Tracking Systems


SDS2 works with InfoSight, a manufacturer of industrial marking machines, metal tags, metal tag printers, barcode readers, and custom machinery. 

P2 Programs

SDS2 integrates with P2 Programs software to help you track steel from inventory through the shop with minimal effort.


Radley Corporation

Labeling, inventory, and tracking is made easy with SDS2's integration with Radley Corporation tools.


Steel Projects

Handing your fabrication data off for inventory management, procurement, and shop management is simple with the SDS2 integration for Steel Projects.



SDS2 and STRUMIS integrate directly with one another to provide you the power to manage your estimating, inventory and fabrication with the utmost control.

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SDS2 continues to integrate with Tekla PowerFab (formerly EPM), allowing you to use the best tools for the job.

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Automated Fabrication Equipment/Software


SDS2 integrates with Bend-Tech to translate model data for fabrication.


Controlled Automation

SDS2 delivers the CNC data you need from the model to automatically program your Controlled Automation equipment.



SDS2 generates accurate CNC files with the click of a button, completely compatible with Daito machinery.



Transfer your data directly from SDS2 to cut back on your machine programming time for pipe cutting and bending. 

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FICEP Corporation

FICEP integrates seamlessly with SDS2 models to streamline shop fabrication.


Lightning Rail

The integration between The Lightning Rail automated handrail layout technology and SDS2 doubles your production in the shop.


Lincoln Electric

SDS2 exports precise fabrication data to the PythonX machine increasing your productivity.



SDS2 exports precise fabrication files that enable Peddinghaus equipment to be a central part of your shop fabrication automation.


PEP Technology

PEP Technology handles the CNC data from SDS2 to nest, schedule, manage inventory, and more.


PypeServer helps fabricators of all sizes cut parts on the shop floor directly from CAD designs and BIM models.

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Shop Data Systems

Nest your CNC data from SDS2 with Shop Data Systems to maximize your material usage.


SDS2 helps you speed up the prep of your CNC files by exporting to SigmaNEST for efficient plate nesting.

Vernon Tool

SDS2 helps you make the most of your model by generating the CNC data for Vernon Tool equipment.


Voortman equipment handles CNC data from SDS2 with ease.


Cutting edge fabrication tools require cutting edge information from SDS2, and we're proud to support Zeman equipment.

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Increase efficiency in your fabrication shop with AGT's automated equipment and robotic solutions. 


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