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SDS2 Detailing | 3D Structural Steel Detailing Software


With SDS2's real world intelligence, there are no compromises. Speed, accuracy, reliability—you get it all. Detailers who switch from less automated solutions report 2x faster detailing times within just a few projects. 


SDS2 2023

SDS2 2023 is the ultimate solution in steel detailing, covering all your project needs in structural and miscellaneous steel and automated connection design, along with seamless BIM integrations to enhance your workflows from estimating to fabrication and delivery. Our latest release delivers even more power to help you maximize efficiency, with new features and enhancements in modeling, detailing, fabrication integrations, and more. 

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SDS2 Detailing gives you the power to…

Automate your most time-consuming tasks.

SDS2 Detailing offers the highest level of automation available in 3D steel detailing. With unparalleled connection design intelligence and high-quality drawing production, SDS2 provides innovative solutions proven to increase profitability and shorten project timelines.


Work together, wherever you are.

Get projects done faster and avoid data lags with live multiuser modeling. You can access your SDS2 project from the shop, field, or home office and work at the same time as other users without fear of data conflicts or lag times. 

Work faster with fewer errors.

SDS2 is built with real-world intelligence, with automated design features that account for not only structural integrity and constructability, but also erectability, so you know your designs will pass with the fabricator, erector, and other stakeholders. It's a next-level reality check that no other steel detailing software can match, and it helps you get the job done faster and more accurately. 



See how SDS2 can accelerate project timelines, reduce errors,

and improve project accuracy.  


Advantages of SDS2 Detailing

Connection Automation

The perfect combination of automation and control, our patented connection design saves time on every project

Handrails and Stairs

Stairs and rail are quick to input, easy to adjust, and flexible enough to fit your shop standards

Miscellaneous & Plate

If you can model it, you can build it with SDS2

Live Multiuser Modeling

Make the most of your manpower and meet compressed schedules when your team works together in a single model


No piecemarking routines are required for SDS2 models—smart software can combine and break apart piecemarks

Complex Geometry

Hip and valley conditions, rolling, sloped and more—SDS2 Detailing helps you tackle design challenges with ease

Fabrication Standards

Boost your competitive advantage by building shop standards into your model 

CNC & MRP Integration

Models integrate with all the commonly used MRP, MIS, and automated fabrication tools 

Design Model Integration

From direct integrations with Smart3D and Autodesk Revit to importing industry-standard file types, SDS2 Detailing is a vital tool in the BIM workflow

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